General Punching And Shearing Machine VRN QA32

5.00 out of 5


Brand Name : VRN QA32

Type : QA32-8B

Max.punching force : 360KN

Length of cutter for plate cutting : 200mm

Cutter travel distance : 27mm

Cutter travel times per minute : 30

Power of electric motor : 2.2Kw

Voltage of electric motor : 415V

Frequency of electric motor : 50HZ (60HZ)

Outside size : 900*500*1100mm

Weight : 500kg


Product Description

Q35Y series hydraulic ironworker adopts hydraulic driving system. Ironworker can cut punch all kinds of holes. Various metal plates, square bar, angle steel, round iron, flat bars, profiled bars, channel steel and joist steel can be cutted, punched and notched on the machines.

Accessories List

  • A set of hole punching die
  • A set of angle steel blade
  • A set of channel blade
  • A set of shearing plate blade
  • A set of notching blade

Shearing Station

  • Round & square bar shearing: there are multiple holes for a varity of sizes. Adjustable hold down device is convenient for shearing various sizes of round and square bar, channel, joist, etc.
  • Flat bar shearing: large 15" squraing arm with inlaid scale as standard equipment. Special anti-disorted blade for quality cutting. Lower blade has four usage edges. There is screw allow for gap adjust no shim needed.
  • Angle iron shearing: the angle iron shear has the ability to cut angle iron at 45 degrees & 90 degrees withe diamond shaped blade. e.g.
  • This gives the operator the ability to make a picture frame corner for perfect welds.
  • Diamond shaped blade for quality cuts that is minimal material wast. Easily adjustable hold-down device for accurate plate cutting.

Punching Station

  • Largw viewing window on stripper.
  • Swing-away dwsign for easy operation.
  • Available unique style allows for large angle iron punching and large channel punching.
  • Quick change coupling nut and sleeve for rapid replacement change
  • Large two pieces gauging table with rules and stop as standard equipment.

Notching Station

  • Unique design for unsurpassed cutting of angle and flat bar.
  • Electrical interlock safety guard and three gauging stops for precise positioning.
  • With ventilated device for good visibility.
  • The notching station also has an oversized table with material stops.

Electronic backgauge device

  • With 3 supporting feet.
  • Fine adjustment assures precision cuts.
  • Fully protected electrical hardness for safety and reliability.
  • Large contact button for high efficiency productivity.